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Our faith community at St. Pius X warmly welcomes you. 
Welcome! Whether you are a visitor or new to our parish, interested in becoming Catholic, seeking to return to the practice of your faith, or an active member of our parish, we are pleased that you have come to our website and we will do all that we can to assist you. 




Christ Himself, is the generous landowner in the Gospel parable, and the lesson He wants us to learn is that His generosity goes beyond even our widest comprehension.

         To pay these hired workers a full day’s wage for only a few hours of work is the epitome of generosity.  There is no other reason for it; He does it simply because He is generous; He is deeply concerned about these men and capable of helping them.

         Palestine’s day laborers at that time had no steady work and no steady income.  They were hired on a day-to-day basis.  The workers still waiting to be given work late in the day were probably resigned to another hungry evening for themselves and their families.  Only a man with a truly generous heart would take the trouble to put them to work with only an hour remaining till sundown.  And only an extraordinarily generous man would pay them the full day’s wage!

         That’s Jesus – extraordinarily generous – the history of salvation is the story of His boundless giving.  First, He gives life, then after Original sin he gives hope for salvation, then with the Incarnation he gives redemption, and finally, to those who faithfully work in His vineyard, he gives everlasting life.

         And it doesn’t stop there.  Strictly speaking, we deserve none of those gifts.  Yet, just as the landowner gave the laborers work in his vineyard, we too have been commissioned to work in the Lord’s vineyard, proclaiming the Good News.  One of the most important way we do this as Church is through our Catholic schools.

         The need for Catholic education is more important than ever before.  Secular society is going through many changes; many of which conflict with Catholic teaching on faith and morals.  Parents can be overwhelmed by the changes and children are confused.

         One student was reprimanded at her public school for writing about the times she prayed the Rosary during Lent.  That’s when her parents decided it was time to send their kids to Catholic school.  They decided, with the way our public education system is headed, that it was more important than ever to send their children to Catholic school where they can receive an education centered on Christ.  They knew it would be a financial challenge but they had managed.  This year it seemed an impossibility to continue to send they children to Catholic school.  Their prayers were answered with the support they received from Blessing Our Future.  They could continue sending their kids to Catholic school, where their faith can flourish, their minds can grow, and their values are accepted.

         Data and research show that children who attend Catholic schools have a greater chance of going onto college than children that attend other private and public schools.  Latino children have a 95% high school graduation rate if they attend Catholic schools as compared to 53% in public schools.  Children who attend Catholic schools are eight to nine times more likely to attend weekly Mass later in life as an adult.  Post Vatican II Mass attendance by adults who attend Catholic schools has increased while those who have not have drastically decreased.  Those who have attended Catholic schools are much more likely to consider Priestly and Religious vocations as well as Lay ministry.

These are only a few examples of the benefits of our Catholic schools.

         FIAT Catholic Schools is an alliance of South Bay Parishes and has been working together for more than a year to ensure, 1) Viability, 2) Sustainability, 3) Affordability and 4) Quality Catholic education across the region which includes religious instruction and practice of our faith.

         To help parents make Catholic schools affordable and possible we continue an annual collection for Catholic education, Blessing our Future!  You should have received a letter, brochure, pledge card and return envelope in the mail.

         All we are asking is each family to consider donating $1/day ($365/year).  We will take all donations (large or small).  All funds collected in our parish will be used to support our parish families.  A small portion 10-15% will be put into and endowment fund to build for the future.  Donations made this year will be used to help families (new as well as continuing Catholic school families) next year.  Only parishioners of the eleven participating South Bay parishes are eligible for a scholarship.  Scholarships can be used for K-12 at any school within our diocese.

         Over $109,000 was collected in last year’s collection (a $9K increase) and 158 scholarships have been offered, (129 returning students & 29 new students).  There were 571 eligible applications.  37% were offered awards.  That means 63% would like to send their child or children to a Catholic school so we need more parishioners to participate to make this happen.  Every $1 raised has a potential to bring an average of $2.92 in revenue to our FIAT Catholic Schools.

         You may fill out a Blessing Our Future pledge card and drop it in the collection basket.  You can include your donation with the pledge card or be billed monthly.  Make checks payable to Diocese of San Diego.  You can make credit card donations online or set up automatic deductions.  For more information visit us online at fiatcatholicschools.com.

         I ask for you to pray for the success of Catholic schools and FIAT Catholic Schools and together we are Blessing our Future!  In Mary’s FIAT, Our Lady said, “Yes to God”.  FIAT Catholic Schools motto is “Yes to God, Yes to Catholic Education!”  This is the privilege Christ has generously given us by making us his fellow workers in God’s Kingdom.

- Fr. Jay 


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